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Galeries lafayette coals frog pan brand profile

Galeries lafayette coals frog pan brand profile

Galeries lafayette coals frog pot is Harbin li(The ritual)Catering management co., LTD., a subsidiary of the fashion food brands。Throughout the year2015Years9Month,Galeries lafayette coals frog pan began,In order to provide market popular a gourmet delicious bullfrog product,At the early stages of the preparation,General retreat for three months,From material selection,Try to eat,Each link is strictly controlled,Every link have all brand creator。

Galeries lafayette coals frog pot,With hemp、Spicy、Fresh、Sweet、The tender、Crisp、Alcohol、Is famous for its beauty in the market,And step by step into the heart of consumers。Galeries lafayette receives,Don't sell service、Don't sell the environment、Don't sell stunt,Only sell taste good bullfrog took up residence in the food market。At present,In addition to the birthplace of Harbin,Dozens of provinces and cities across the country had been a galeries lafayette napa stores。

Galeries lafayette franchisees to decorate is also our carefully designed,Including every corner,The beautiful lamps and lanterns,Tables and chairs,Delicate stage,Put clean tableware,Let every customer can feel rich flavor,Comfortable atmosphere。

We are committed to,For young fashionable gens。Will be the basis of their preferences as we expand the market,We pay attention to improve the quality of the products,Pay more attention to consumer taste buds,Let the galeries lafayette coals frog pot more reliable,Entrepreneurs are more at ease。

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